So, I was chatting with Lucy, my co-writer. And we were talking about how somehow, things always became our fault. And I remembered…once I actually went all scientifican method and tested this hypothesis

I live in Texas. And during the time I was with my xSO, we lived in a very rural part of the state; his home turf, the Rio Grande Valley. So he knew his way around. And for me, while I was down there, I simply could not get my barings. This was especially frustrating from me because I usually have a good sense of direction.

Anyway, on the night I decided to test this “hypothesis,” we were driving about  45 minutes to a town about 4 towns from where we were. I was high (we were both weed smokers) and every time we hit an intersection, he would ask me which way he should turn. And if agreed with the way he suggested and it was wrong, then I should have known better. If I disagreed with him and was wrong, we’ll that one is just cut and dry. He shouldn’t have listened to. And I was not acknowledged if I was ever right.

It was totally bizarre. Like I had mad this huge realization…but in reality, I knew that was what he was like all along…


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